Here’s a poem I wrote this morning.


This is me with ADHD. Like it or not, I’m here, can’t you see?
Society accepts the “normal”, but who’s really “normal”?
Could it be the person always stepping in line and achieving success
by being formal?

Or perhaps the poor never getting ahead
and dwelling in their sorrows instead?

What about the down syndrome woman who works a regular job, living a regular life, abiding by regular laws, has a regular marriage paying her regular civic duty?
Sure, like all of us she also get’s moody.

Is that normal? Sure it is.
Is there a euphemism I could use, please

Oh, society has accepted her as “socially functional”. Surely that’s normal.
Her life is doable, she’s ethical, like all of us fallible, likable, irreplaceable, manageable, personable, definitely reliable and also vulnerable.

It all comes down to how down syndrome was perceived as in the past.
Viewed as outcasts. Society’s viewpoint changed fast. Support for them will surely last.
Luckily, now they’re viewed as normal. Integrating with society, their lives, manageable and exclusively livable.

Miriam Webster defines the word “normal” as conforming to a standard or regular pattern. It also says free from mental illness: mentally sound.
…but where am I found? I look “normal”, but under the surface I struggle.

Society hasn’t fully accepted ADHD. Some would say it’s not a disability. They go as far as saying it’s a conspiracy. I don’t feel free in a society who views you as having societal incompetency.

You see, we hyper focus on things that excites us, but find mundane things uninteresting even if it’s really important stuff.
We pay our dues, of course we’re late for work and sometimes get confused… by
attending our doctor’s appointment a week earlier. I know that sounds funny, but it paralyses us to a point where we might develop another disorder…like anxiety, depression, PTSD.

I wish the word “normal” was never invented.
I’ve achieved so much look what I’ve created. More than half of what “normal” society has presented.

I’ve painted murals on church walls, built and rebuilt bicycles, did bike stunts and took a lot of falls.
I was a lead singer, an accomplished pianist, traveled the world and an excellent gymnast.

I was a stand up comedian, one of the best athletes at school, an obsessed tennis player, I think that’s pretty cool.
An amateur soccer player, a daredevil roller skater, a freestyle street dancer and a music director or band leader if you will.

Love learning languages, love learning memorization techniques.
No I’m not a nerd, just a freak.
Right? A freak who’s accomplished all this and yet I have barely any friends,
barely a social life, but I love life and I love and myself.

I forgot to mention when I was a kid I was an arcade game expert, I guess that is being a nerd.
Ok, SO I’m a nerd and a freak. Can you blame me for being this unique?

Please consider me as normal and not some social outcast. I love life and I love myself.
Can’t you tell?

It’s us who have scored gold medals, started up famous fortune 500 companies,
starred in TV shows
and even won Super Bowls.

So this might just be my last call and if I don’t fit the bill,

The Accented Guy

Published by Quinton R

AUTHOR BIO It's a tree with a chair on top and Jesus is balancing the chair while a black cat is charging at Jesus. This is how Quinton remembers phone numbers. Friend: "So when you get to Rice Street, you need to turn left". Quinton: "Ok, give me a second to memorize that. Yes, I can see mice all over that street eating at the rice, hence the street name. The mice are all leaning to the left and at the same time they have tattoos on their foreheads that reads "L" for loser. Oh, and they're sad, because they are all losers" Quinton is a South African native who literally is a "Jack of all Trades". Born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1977 during Apartheid. His ADHD as a child has helped him to early on in his life figure out how to think and do things the unconventional way without him knowing it was actually a very unusual way. He had a fairly good childhood upbringing according to himself. He couldn't understand why he wasn't suppose to interact with "white" people during that time, but that didn't deter him from asking questions and being inquisitive. He had built bikes so he could do stunts, learned how to juggle, taught himself to be a gymnast, studied the tennis pro's by meticulously copying every single move they made, played amateur soccer and held the highest record among his friends for tapping a football over a thousand times in one take, co founded an a Capella group called Young Ambition where he was the lead singer, was a stand up comedian for 6 months, annoyed his teachers at school, was the life of the party everywhere he went, toured the U.S, got married to an American, had two daughters, got divorced after 11 years and currently an online entrepreneur. Oh, he also created online YouTube music, calls himself "The Accented Guy" and taught himself to play the keyboards, became a skilled jazz musician, because his voice started giving in. He's played with well known bands all over town and in other states. He experimented using Jazz to incorporate it into heavy metal, rock, European progressive classical music etc. and also studied languages whereby his goal is to speak Spanish fluently by the end of 2017

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