Adult ADD/ADHD vs Society vs ME!

Hi ever aesthetic and gorgeous planet. Yes, men can also use these words. I’m of course talking about words like “Hi”. Today I feel like one of those writers who uses metaphors, alliterations, cliches, poetry and maybe some satire to describe their feelings, but I’m not going to do that. I want to write aboutContinue reading “Adult ADD/ADHD vs Society vs ME!”

Compelled to tell my story.

What also made me finally sit down to write, was the fact that a few months ago I hit rock bottom, but unlike all the other times where I felt hopeless, this time I felt extremely optimistic and visibly happy, because I had improved dramatically as far as my health, and well being goes. It’s still puzzling to me how I came to be this changed. You could almost say I was given a panacea for all my negative situations