Constantly Improve on Yourself.

Hi Accented Family As a person who has ADHD, I find it hard to maintain focus on projects that seem mundane and often times important. I’ve written 3 books so far and I constantly have to either improve or modify the contents, because it gets “boring” after a while. Sure I hyperfocus on certain ideas,Continue reading “Constantly Improve on Yourself.”

Amazon’s most wished for products.


I’ve decided to live a digital lifestyle

Hi Accented Family I absolutely love the feeling of being free and I’m sure you do too. I just feel it’s the right thing for me since I discovered what and how much can be achieved when you have your mind set on something and you just know that it’ll work. Given anectdotal evidence byContinue reading “I’ve decided to live a digital lifestyle”

Am I losing it?

Hi Accented Family Yesterday was kinda weird playing tennis. I couldn’t focus on the ball and I found it hard to loosen up. I had to figure out why this was the case and it dawned on me…I binge eat and on top of that don’t sleep enough hours. I have found out that IContinue reading “Am I losing it?”

The Six Figure Mentor 7 Day Video Series

Hi Accented Family I’m happy to announce a 7 Day video Series about the Six Figure Mentors and what we do as Entrepeneurs. You will find out who we are exactly, what we do and how we go about carving a well designed path toward financial freedom. It’s absolutely awesome. Once you get in, youContinue reading “The Six Figure Mentor 7 Day Video Series”