Hi Accented family.

I just want to let you know about this absolutely amazing group of people who has helped me virtually by taking me by the hand and led me into a world I couldn’t possibly describe in a few words what this all means to me. 

Click on this link to find out. 

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My First Tennis Match In 2018

Hi Accented family.

How stoked was I when I finally could play after two and a half months of waiting. It was good seeing everyone there. I wasn’t going to give it all I got on court, but every now and then I overdid it before pulling back. It was all good though. 

Man, was I rusty. I had picked up a few pounds, but I wasn’t going to sit back and let my partner run around for all the balls. I was ready to give it all I got. 

Before everyone starts to play, we usually get called to play in a certain level. I usually gets put in the highest competitive level. I was hoping they’d put me in the second highest level. Anyway, they put me with the highest level guys so I thought that this meant I had to play my best as always once again. 

To make a long story short, I played my usual high level competitive self, but soon found out that it wouldn’t be helpful to do so as I got pummeled really good. I lost every match. I must admit I got frustrated, but I had to remind myself that I haven’t been playing for over two and a half months. They’ve been playing every week so it made sense everyone would be a step up. 

When all was said and done, we all had a good laugh. I certainly had fun despite the fact that I threw my raquet a couple times out of frustration. 

One thing’s for sure I love this game and before you know it, I’ll be back at my best again. 

The Accented Guy                                      Quinnie
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Playing tennis after 2 months of absenteeism. Phew!

Hi Accented Family.

Despite the fact that I am in the process of filing my green card renewal documents hoping I’d get the results in time, I’m happily focusing on what truly fulfills me….tennis among other exiting things. Tonight I’ll be playing my first tennis match of 2018 after a brutal shoulder injury incurred last year in December. 

Oh, it was quite a tale having to wait in pain to play and also during December on my birthday waiting at night for a tow truck in the freezing cold, because my car engine failed. Looking back it seemed like I had nerves of steele, but then I have to remind myself that it is only because of this newfound focus in life where I implement morning routines and scheduling my favorite activities each day. It all seems so simple when you start your day right. 

Tonight I get to go on that tennis courts and play to my heart’s content. I have picked up a little bit of weight. Maybe 4 pounds or so, but we men can work it off quite easily. Usually within the first week. 

I’ll add some pictures of us playing tennis tonight. 

Until next time bye for now

The Accented Guy.                        Quinnie.

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Goodbye Silver Lake, my hometown.

Hi Accented Family.

It seems like yesterday I moved into my apartment. I usually do not like to store a lot of stuff in my place, but I thought seeing that I was planning to live here for a while, I didn’t mind adding some furniture and odd things. I’ve lived here for approximately five months and it was definitely time to move on.

I needed to re-evaluate my current situation to determine where I’ll be in the near future. I’ve set some goals that I’ve accomplished and some I haven’t yet. So what I was thinking was to rethink those unaccomplished goals. Now that I’ve moved closer to my place of employment, pay less rent and restructered my daily routines, I should have a clearer plan. 

To be honest, I was thinking of going back to living in my car to speed up the journey toward my goal, but as much as it’s tempting to do so, I have to stick to my plan. That’s why I’m grateful to have you, the reader to keep me accountable even if you don’t know you are doing it. I have my online mentor Stuart Ross to keep me accountable as well.!/

Feel free to follow me on my journey by clicking here.;                                                         You’ll get regular updates.

So with this being said I will say bye for now

The Accented Guy


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I’m moving today.

Hi Accented Family

It’s that time for me to pack my stuff and move to a different location. I’ve come this far in my journey where I needed to re-evalutate and make a few adjustments to get closer to to my goal. 

Sometimes I thought I should’ve named my blog “The Accented Nomad”, because I’m moving from one place to the other so frequently. I’ll be living in a furnished basement thirteen minutes away from my  current job where the rest of my brainstorming ideas will come from. 

Life is certainly something I do not take for granted, because I have so much to live for and what’s even better, so much to give.

Ta ta for now

The Accented Guy.