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I’ve decided to live a digital lifestyle

Hi Accented Family

I absolutely love the feeling of being free and I’m sure you do too. I just feel it’s the right thing for me since I discovered what and how much can be achieved when you have your mind set on something and you just know that it’ll work. Given anectdotal evidence by so many folks who have given this mindset a go, it comes with its challenges. These challenges don’t mean that you’ve failed. In some cases it simply means you’ve done one mishap that you won’t do again. So now you’ll be doing it differently. This is how life in general works.

Starting an online business with just a laptop with access to WiFi is a trend that’s been around for quite some time. Some folk even start out just using their phone including me. A lot of people fail the first time and then they quit because of it. I’ve certainly failed so many times that I can’t really count on my fingers how many times, but I learned from those mistakes and continued using different methods and avenues. Finally I can say that I’m on the right path and I will continue educating myself on it.

If you’d like to know more about this exiting phenomenon, feel free to learn more about it. It’s a journey worth venturing.

The Accented Guy. Quinnie

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Join our Free Six Figure Mentors webcast.

Hi Accented Family

I just got done making a video on youtube about the Six Figure Mentors. It’s an online business whereby my mentor Stuart Ross will explain to you how it all works. They also have an online community of people who will share with you how they got to where they are now…living fulfilled lives.

It’ll cost you nothing to watch. I was in the exact same situation as you trying to figure out what was needed to improve my life. Look no further as Stuart Ross will explain to you how to get to that satisfying lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

I wish you all the best in your journey towards success

The Accented Guy. Quinnie.

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The Six Figure Mentor 7 Day Video Series

Hi Accented Family

I’m happy to announce a 7 Day video Series about the Six Figure Mentors and what we do as Entrepeneurs.

You will find out who we are exactly, what we do and how we go about carving a well designed path toward financial freedom.

It’s absolutely awesome. Once you get in, you will have access to mentor and online community of people who have been where you are to help you when and if you are not sure what steps to take next.

I’m glad I made the decision to take control of my future. It was worth the investment.

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Yep, I’m a nomad!

Hi Accented Family.

As some of you may know I moved a couple of months ago into an apartment and I kept my promise by updating you on the progress I’ve made then. I have re-evaluated my position and decided that it was time to move again.

I am the type of person that need to experience a change of scenery every now and then and that’s why I made the decision to live in my car. Also, I felt that in order to give myself a little bit of a push toward total financial freedom, I’d have to move to a smaller living space with less expenses. You might also have known that I lived in my car for three months and that was so awesome, but I had to find an apartment to stay out of the cold as soon as winter arrived. Now that I have had some experience in car living, I decided to go back and live the life I’ve always wanted to to live, like a nomad.

I’m going to need a bigger form of transport, but for now I’m pretty happy with my car. Don’t worry, I will take care of myself. Lots people are living in their vans, trucks, cars, RV’s, campers and tiny homes. I’ve looked into it and because I already was conducive to car living, I feel comfortable to go back to that way of living.

I remember those days where I actually started getting things done and I thought ADHD was going to cripple me for the rest of my life. In the morning I’d have a nice cup of Starbucks coffee or coffee from the gas station after doing my morning rituals. Then I’d complete my tasks for the day with no distractions. It made me so focused that I now have set up multiple streams of passive income. I did not have to worry about rent and utility bills. I only had one thing on my mind and it was to pave my way through to fulfillment. I have to add that I did this with keeping in mind to be grateful to others and to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate than me in my own way.

So if you want to go your own way whatever it may be, be mindful of others and you’ll soon find that the road to fulfillment comes from helping others along the way.

The Accented GUY

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Join our team, The six Figure Mentors. 

Hi Accented family. 

Here at SFM which stands for Six Figure Mentors, we are a team of like-minded individuals with a common goal in mind…to empower and enrich people’s lives. 

We have a great online team that is within reach with the touch of a button. If you’d like to know more about us, you can get in contact with our online specialists. Any question you might have they can answer it. 

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner, simply wish to enrich others’ lives or have no experience with online marketing and wish to learn more, this is the right place for you. We are set on changing people’s lives through giving them the tools and the mentorship they need. 

Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross are the founders of SFM and they’ve taught me the importance of enriching people’s lives and in turn live a fulfilled and satisfying lifestyle. 

If you’d like to know more about the Six Figure Mentors, feel free to click on the link.

The Accented Guy.                                      Quinnie. 

Baseline Tennis Center saved me!

Hi Accented Family. 

Last night had me thinking of how important it is to keep active. The older you get, the more we have to think about staying active. 

As a young man, I never wanted to warm up before playing tennis. I just wanted to start right off. I can’t call myself young anymore so warming up is vital and prevents injury on a greater percentage. Last week when I played for the first time in two and a half months after my shoulder injury, I nonchalantly warmed up with no real focus on the importance of it. I lost my matches and just felt unfit and stiff. I started blaming it on the amount of time I spent not playing or being active at all. All in all I felt miserable. I couldn’t figure out how it was that I lost all my matches. Shocker! Lol

This week I carefully and consciously focused on properly warming up. I then made sure to consume a teaspoon of peanut butter to ensure some protein in my system and bottled water. I cannot tell you how much fun I had not having to feel stiff or unhappy. 

As some of you know I have ADHD and with us folk it is a matter of how we feel emotionally that determines the outcome of our activities. I’ve learned that in your relationship with others and also your personal life, you have to “warm up” before an engagement. Set up your business plan before making that first client call. Study well before writing that important exam. Do your morning rituals to ensure a positive day. I could go on, but you get the drift.

Here’s a morning motivational video I enjoyed before I started out with today:

So whatever it is you do in life, do today what others won’t so you can have tomorrow what others won’t. 

ADD/ADHD vs Society vs Me: Transcendentally present in the real world.

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