An Excerpt of my Book Entitled: How ADHD Saved my Life: How I became stronger through adversity.

“One morning, my mom had put salt in my bed as to see what my reaction would be. You could not imagine how furious I was feeling salt crystals scratching my back. I knew it was my mom and out of pure anger I shouted: “Why did you put salt in my bed, mommy?” Her reply was: “Now I know you have the devil within you!”
Some logic, huh?
Apart from what my mom said, I thought in fact there was always something wrong with me. I knew it couldn’t be something as simple as saying it was the devil, but rather thought I was not my mother’s child or I could probably be from another country believe it or not.
Finally, now I understand what was so weird about me all these years. It’s ADHD. People with ADHD have hyperactivity or restlessness which is what the “H” implies.”

Yay, I’ve Been Reinstated!!!

Hi Accented Family. So you may not have heard that my license got revoked three weeks ago and to be honest, I did not expect to get reinstated this soon. If you want to know how my license got revoked, you can click this link to read it, but for now I can’t tell youContinue reading “Yay, I’ve Been Reinstated!!!”

Live the Laptop Lifestyle

Hi Accented Family. So here I am stranded and nowhere to go. I’ve had my car license revoked and I’m having to hustle on my mountain bike to the store, my job, the library and other miscellaneous places in sub zero temperatures. Rewind 20 years and I would never have guessed I’d be so determinedContinue reading “Live the Laptop Lifestyle”

Happy Easter!!

Hi Accented Family. Hope all is well. We got some snow again and man did it snow. It’s late afternoon and I’m just relaxing and taking it easy. Some of you may have enjoyed most of the day already. As some of you know, my car license got revoked and I’m not able to driveContinue reading “Happy Easter!!”

My Car License Has Been Revoked. What Now?

Hi Accented family. Yes, it has been a tough situation for me since finding out that my license will be revoked as of 03/28/2018. About a month ago I was pulled over for not being able to produce my car insurance to the officer. I could not find it. So the officer took an expiredContinue reading “My Car License Has Been Revoked. What Now?”

Amazon’s most wished for products.


Am I losing it?

Hi Accented Family Yesterday was kinda weird playing tennis. I couldn’t focus on the ball and I found it hard to loosen up. I had to figure out why this was the case and it dawned on me…I binge eat and on top of that don’t sleep enough hours. I have found out that IContinue reading “Am I losing it?”

Yep, I’m a nomad!

Hi Accented Family. As some of you may know I moved a couple of months ago into an apartment and I kept my promise by updating you on the progress I’ve made then. I have re-evaluated my position and decided that it was time to move again. I am the type of person that needContinue reading “Yep, I’m a nomad!”

Featured on WCCO 4. My South African friend interviewed. 

Hi Accented family. I was so proud to see my friend on TV. He along with his wife who is a Minnesotan were interviewed by WCCO 4 this evening. It was about how they got out of a $142k debt within 5 years. He carved for himself, his wife and four children a strategic pathContinue reading “Featured on WCCO 4. My South African friend interviewed. “