An Excerpt of my Book Entitled: How ADHD Saved my Life: How I became stronger through adversity.

Hi Accented Family.

So here I reveal an exerp of my book. I am in the process of having it updated. It felt very heavy on my heart to write my story to show you how real ADHD is with people like me who have ADHD, The text can be clicked on where you can find a copy of my book on, but it’s not yet published. I’ll keep you posted so keep an eye out.

“One morning, my mom had put salt in my bed as to see what my reaction would be. You could not imagine how furious I was feeling salt crystals scratching my back. I knew it was my mom and out of pure anger I shouted: “Why did you put salt in my bed, mommy?” Her reply was: “Now I know you have the devil within you!”

Some logic, huh?

Apart from what my mom said, I thought in fact there was always something wrong with me. I knew it couldn’t be something as simple as saying it was the devil, but rather thought I was not my mother’s child or I could probably be from another country believe it or not.

Finally, now I understand what was so weird about me all these years. It’s ADHD. People with ADHD have hyperactivity or restlessness which is what the “H” implies.

Thank you to all you who are supporting me in my journey. This book means a lot to me, because I feel compelled to share my story with the world. If you have ADHD, be encouraged, because we now live in a time where survival of the fittest does not count in today’s society. Technology and other resources have made it possible to sustain our weaker side for longer periods. So educate yourself on how to improve yourself and you’ll find more fulfillment in your life.–y8jzWpYFxA_qM3Q/videos?view_as=subscriber

I love mini van living, but I’ve hit a stumbling block along the way. It would be much appreciated if you could help me make that dream a reality.

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Yay, I’ve Been Reinstated!!!

Hi Accented Family.

So you may not have heard that my license got revoked three weeks ago and to be honest, I did not expect to get reinstated this soon. If you want to know how my license got revoked, you can click this link to read it, but for now I can’t tell you enough how happy I am that I got reinstated.

Everyday I focused on taking it one step at a time. I bought myself a mountain bike to ride to work. I’m very grateful for my boss who at times would have me put my bicycle in the back of their jeep and drive me home to my car where I would sleep. I made some youtube videos to document how I was doing. You can have a look at it here. It was interesting having to follow the instructions to get reinstated. I needed to do the written test exam which meant I had to study the Class D driver’s study book. Then I had to pay my $30 reinstatement fee and on top of that, apply for a driver’s license. I also needed to have an authorized representative of my insurance company sign a form which was insane. All this was done having to ride on my mountain bike in sub zero temperatures to and from places. There’s something about the perserverance of the human spirit. When you know you are the only person that can help you through this, you do whatever it takes to get through and that’s exactly what I did. I never gave up. I still have a lot more to accomplish though. Having driving previledges is truly something not to abuse.

As some of you know my car is near the point of being towed off to a scrap yard, but I need it to carry me through just a couple more months before I can buy a mini van to start my adventures with van living. I’ve moved out of my apartment to live in my car to avoid having to worry about rent and utilities each month. So if you would like to please support me by donating to my GoFundMe project, please feel free to do so. Every penny I get will go into my car to fix it so I can stay mobile. It is the only means for me to lay my head at night.

Ta ta for now

The Accented Guy

Live the Laptop Lifestyle

Hi Accented Family.

So here I am stranded and nowhere to go. I’ve had my car license revoked and I’m having to hustle on my mountain bike to the store, my job, the library and other miscellaneous places in sub zero temperatures. Rewind 20 years and I would never have guessed I’d be so determined to straighten out my life and make it work.

Of course we didn’t have technology as advanced as it is today. So I guess the reason for my determined outlook on life is because information can be found at the tip of our fingers and this excited me. You know the saying that goes “Survival of the Fittest“? Well, technology has changed that. Even though I have ADHD, I can still find things out there that can help me. Right now I need to get my license back so I can drive again and I can easily look up a written test app online, download it and study for my class D exam.

Here’s the deal breaker. I still struggle with appointments and schedules, but there are apps that help me tremendously yet. So not so much of a deal breaker then, right?

So to conclude, I live the laptop lifestyle and doing it without being able to drive. I stay virtually informed while doing whatever it takes to stay ahead of the game. Before you know it, I’ll have my license back and I’ll be fully back in the game. As long as I am positive, healthy, full of love and have good energy, I’m good.

I’ll keep you all informed about the status if of my driver’s license .

So until next time, ta ta.

The Accented Guy. Quinnie.

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Happy Easter!!

Hi Accented Family.

Hope all is well. We got some snow again and man did it snow. It’s late afternoon and I’m just relaxing and taking it easy. Some of you may have enjoyed most of the day already.

As some of you know, my car license got revoked and I’m not able to drive for another 28 days. So I decided to buy myself an 18 speed Roadmaster mountain bike so I can ride to work which is 13 miles long. I’m glad I bought it, because it’s totally easy to handle and you can change gears on a whim.

Today I have to play tennis with my Meetup group, but I don’t think it’ll happen as I’m not able to get a ride there. It was poor planning on my side. Better luck next time. Well, maybe I can still make it, who knows. We’ll see.

I don’t have much to say today except to say have a good Easter and a safe rest of the weekend.

The Accented Guy Quinnie

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My Car License Has Been Revoked. What Now?

Hi Accented family.

Yes, it has been a tough situation for me since finding out that my license will be revoked as of 03/28/2018.

About a month ago I was pulled over for not being able to produce my car insurance to the officer. I could not find it. So the officer took an expired car insurance of mine which I could find, called up the company, but never got a response from them. He then told me to go into the county government center to produce it. I felt confident, because what could go wrong, right? Well, not everything went right. I realized that after finding my unexpired insurance, it was still registered in my old car. So after calling my car insurance company to have them fix the issue, they corrected the details by having it corrected after the offense had occurred.

Long story short, I either had to pay the amount or state my case with the judge. I decided to make an appointment to have a court case, but it turned out I missed the appointment, tried to pay the fine online and got a letter from the county government center stating that my car license will be revoked for a month. Now I need to take a class D written test which I think should be the easy part (fingers cross).

I’m bummed out, but it shouldn’t really be that much of an issue, because I will now have to make the process enjoyable and once I succeed in doing that, I’ll be able to hyper focus on the task at hand. ADHD comes in handy with things like this. It is the positive aspect about the disorder. Thank goodness.

If you have ADHD, keep in mind you have more within you than you think. Realize it grab hold and run with it.

The Accented Guy. Quinnie

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Am I losing it?

Hi Accented Family

Yesterday was kinda weird playing tennis. I couldn’t focus on the ball and I found it hard to loosen up. I had to figure out why this was the case and it dawned on me…I binge eat and on top of that don’t sleep enough hours.

I have found out that I need to have something to do in order to eat less. It allows me to feel like I’ve done something for the day which will make it easier to sleep at night. It’s weird to me that I binge when I’m unproductive. Even though I know it’s bad to keep eating, my brain tells me differently. What’s even more strange is that I don’t sleep on time at night. I’d be thinking about why I’m not sleeping and this would go on and on until I remember to focus on onowing what to do to help me get to sleep, affirmations.

It has helped me tremendously to know what to do to get back into my routine. I’m also very thankful to you for reading my blogs, because I want to make myself accountable and keep you updated on my journey to success.

So next time when I play tennis, I should be able to play better and feel happier now that I know what to do.

Till next time.

The Accented Guy.


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Yep, I’m a nomad!

Hi Accented Family.

As some of you may know I moved a couple of months ago into an apartment and I kept my promise by updating you on the progress I’ve made then. I have re-evaluated my position and decided that it was time to move again.

I am the type of person that need to experience a change of scenery every now and then and that’s why I made the decision to live in my car. Also, I felt that in order to give myself a little bit of a push toward total financial freedom, I’d have to move to a smaller living space with less expenses. You might also have known that I lived in my car for three months and that was so awesome, but I had to find an apartment to stay out of the cold as soon as winter arrived. Now that I have had some experience in car living, I decided to go back and live the life I’ve always wanted to to live, like a nomad.

I’m going to need a bigger form of transport, but for now I’m pretty happy with my car. Don’t worry, I will take care of myself. Lots people are living in their vans, trucks, cars, RV’s, campers and tiny homes. I’ve looked into it and because I already was conducive to car living, I feel comfortable to go back to that way of living.

I remember those days where I actually started getting things done and I thought ADHD was going to cripple me for the rest of my life. In the morning I’d have a nice cup of Starbucks coffee or coffee from the gas station after doing my morning rituals. Then I’d complete my tasks for the day with no distractions. It made me so focused that I now have set up multiple streams of passive income. I did not have to worry about rent and utility bills. I only had one thing on my mind and it was to pave my way through to fulfillment. I have to add that I did this with keeping in mind to be grateful to others and to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate than me in my own way.

So if you want to go your own way whatever it may be, be mindful of others and you’ll soon find that the road to fulfillment comes from helping others along the way.

The Accented GUY

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Featured on WCCO 4. My South African friend interviewed. 

Hi Accented family.

I was so proud to see my friend on TV. He along with his wife who is a Minnesotan were interviewed by WCCO 4 this evening. It was about how they got out of a $142k debt within 5 years. He carved for himself, his wife and four children a strategic path to success using discipline and consistency.

He played music gigs and worked odd jobs to help pay off his student loans as well as his wife’s. Luke has a supportive wife which helps tremendously.

He is an inspiration to me and I’m sure also to his family and friends. We all have some form of support to count on in our lives. That’s why I can count on my online like minded community of friends who support each other. I’m grateful for Stuart Ross, my online mentor who has taken me virtually by the hand to support me.

So to conclude Luke did “today” what others don’t so that he can have tomorrow what others won’t.

Here’s the link to Luke and his wife’s interview.
The Accented Guy