Playing tennis after 2 months of absenteeism. Phew!

Hi Accented Family.

Despite the fact that I am in the process of filing my green card renewal documents hoping I’d get the results in time, I’m happily focusing on what truly fulfills me….tennis among other exiting things. Tonight I’ll be playing my first tennis match of 2018 after a brutal shoulder injury incurred last year in December. 

Oh, it was quite a tale having to wait in pain to play and also during December on my birthday waiting at night for a tow truck in the freezing cold, because my car engine failed. Looking back it seemed like I had nerves of steele, but then I have to remind myself that it is only because of this newfound focus in life where I implement morning routines and scheduling my favorite activities each day. It all seems so simple when you start your day right. 

Tonight I get to go on that tennis courts and play to my heart’s content. I have picked up a little bit of weight. Maybe 4 pounds or so, but we men can work it off quite easily. Usually within the first week. 

I’ll add some pictures of us playing tennis tonight. 

Until next time bye for now

The Accented Guy.                        Quinnie.

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Goodbye Silver Lake, my hometown.

Hi Accented Family.

It seems like yesterday I moved into my apartment. I usually do not like to store a lot of stuff in my place, but I thought seeing that I was planning to live here for a while, I didn’t mind adding some furniture and odd things. I’ve lived here for approximately five months and it was definitely time to move on.

I needed to re-evaluate my current situation to determine where I’ll be in the near future. I’ve set some goals that I’ve accomplished and some I haven’t yet. So what I was thinking was to rethink those unaccomplished goals. Now that I’ve moved closer to my place of employment, pay less rent and restructered my daily routines, I should have a clearer plan. 

To be honest, I was thinking of going back to living in my car to speed up the journey toward my goal, but as much as it’s tempting to do so, I have to stick to my plan. That’s why I’m grateful to have you, the reader to keep me accountable even if you don’t know you are doing it. I have my online mentor Stuart Ross to keep me accountable as well.!/

Feel free to follow me on my journey by clicking here.                                                          You’ll get regular updates.

So with this being said I will say bye for now

The Accented Guy


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I’m moving today.

Hi Accented Family

It’s that time for me to pack my stuff and move to a different location. I’ve come this far in my journey where I needed to re-evalutate and make a few adjustments to get closer to to my goal. 

Sometimes I thought I should’ve named my blog “The Accented Nomad”, because I’m moving from one place to the other so frequently. I’ll be living in a furnished basement thirteen minutes away from my  current job where the rest of my brainstorming ideas will come from. 

Life is certainly something I do not take for granted, because I have so much to live for and what’s even better, so much to give.

Ta ta for now

The Accented Guy.


When helping a friend in need isn’t enough.

Hi Accented friends.

Over these last few days my co worker needed help badly and it seemed to me like I was the only one who could help. Her family did not even seem to want to put in the effort to help her.

So what looked like a cool idea for her to visit Bankok, turned around for the worse. She just wanted to take a break from work to experience Thailand and what it had to offer.

Two days ago I got a message from her asking if I could borrow her some money. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d be able to help someone out financially as I was in the same boat of trying to get by not too long ago. Anyway, I had a busy day working and meeting deadlines. I also wanted to take a break as I was enjoying the benefits of a fixed up, fully working car. She told me her phone got stolen and a some of her money.

I felt that this was my moment of seeing how far I would go to help her. I didn’t think it should’ve been that much of a stretch for me and what I needed to do was just to do a simple transaction at Western Union, but it wasn’t as simple as it sounded. I had just started writing my fourth book and I was also donating plasma which is part of my weekly pledge that day.

When I was done with all this, I had time to do the money wiring. I informed her that I was at Western union, but she never responded. I waited for about 30 minutes before I decided to drive off. It’s about an hour to drive home from there, but then as I was about 20 minutes away from my house, she then called and that was when I had to keep in mind why I was helping her.

I needed to go back, but I googled for the closest Western Union place that luckily happened to be 18 minutes from where I was. It was Walgreens with a self help Western Union computer. The only problem was that I had 35 minutes left before the place was closing. So I rushed over there and had 10 minutes or so left by the time I got there.

As I’m completing the wiring, one of the staff members informed me even if I complete the wiring, the store will close in a couple minutes, but the transaction will take about 15 more minutes to process. This meant that I did not have enough time to complete it. So I attempted to proceed anyway, but nowhere was there a box asking for the address to which I’m sending the money to. I did it anyway. No information about what I did appeared on the screen. It did not tell me whether the money was sent or not. So I tried again, but when it came to click “send”, it read “duplicate transaction”.

By then the store had closed and I asked the staff member what had just happened. He informed me that the computer never sent anything and it was too late to do another attempt. He also told me: “These computers are sometimes tricky that way”.

So there I was, disappointed about the fact that I could not help my co worker who at the time was riddled with panic. I had to break the news to her, but out of her being frantic, got frustrated at me for not being able to complete the transaction.

She did apologize afterwards, because she finally got some guy who liked her, help her out with using PayPal.

I was so tired because I had to drive another fifty minutes back home.

I really felt good about myself even though I couldn’t help out the way I wanted to.

My next experience will be dealt with better next time. So I welcome another challenge.

Till next time.

The Accented Guy, Quinnie

An Unfortunate Turn of events – NOT!

Hi Accented Family

It’s been a crazy week for me with my car breaking down. Today I have to fix my car, because the radiator broke down.

Two weeks ago I thought I had fixed it, but yesterday all of a sudden I saw coolant leaking profusely at the bottom. By this time I needed to start working at my job. So in the meatime I called my boss and explained my situation. Then I went on youtube not to watch mindless videos, but to figure out how to fix a car radiator. Gotta love youtube, Right?

This morning I have to pick up my radiator that I ordered yesterday and install it myself. Sure, I could have them install it, but it is much cheaper just putting it in myself. That’s why I “consulted” youtube. lol

It’s amazing how these things can bring one’s confidence and self esteem down when you practice positivity, but my morning routine already had set the tone for the day. That’s why it’s so important to practice self discipline and consistency with regards to your goals. You’ll never lose focus even if something as bad as a broken radiator pauses your plans. Indentify, Plan, Execute…..A formula that’s handy for life.

I’ll keep you updated on the latest happenings.

Hasta luego

The Accented Guy

A total random occurance.

Hi Accented Family.

So today I managed to get my paycheck that was lost, all of it back into my account, my phone’s service provider issue fixed and I found $100 in one of my jeans pockets. Whoohooo!

So I felt like celebrating and went to Hutchinson, a place 10 minutes away from where I live to watch the movie, “A mountain between us”. It wasn’t going to start for another 40 minutes, so I decided to go to the sports bar opposite the theater to wait until the movie started.

As I was standing outside, I noticed this woman dressed in a suit coming out to smoke. I greeted her and she greeted me back. As she went inside, I went in after her and ordered a honey whiskey….something I don’t do at all. I originally wanted to order a Mike’s hard lemonade, but I kinda wanted to taste whiskey. I know, the pleasures of life. Lol

As I was drinking, she offered me her whole pizza which she only had two slices from. We started chatting and she told me she was a rep for a dental company. She travels a lot and it just so happens that she was crashing over in Hutchinson for the evening.

After quite a pleasant conversation, she offered me an interview at the company she was working for. Now, I don’t know whether I’ll accept it or not, but it was quite an offer. I can tell you how I got offered that job…because of the positive energy I was putting out. I’m not the greatest at English, but she wasn’t phased by it and since I changed my frame of mind, my life has been rocksteady and positive, because I allowed myself to learn from my failures and turned it into positive successes.

Don’t worry, I wasn’t drunk from that whiskey. After we separated, I asked her if I could take a selfie of us, but I did not ask her permission to have it up on my blog. Bummer! Maybe I can find her on Friday after or before my interview so to ask if I can have her permission to post our selfie in my blog.

Also, I never watched the movie. I went straight home to write this blog.

Till next time.

The Accented Guy.


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Happy Halloween Part 2

Hi Accented Family

So last night was a blast. I’ve been putting off to celebrate Halloween for so long and finally I got to do it with friends and let me tell you it was so much fun. I had two of my work buddies with me. A Picachoo and a Batman. I of course was the headless man.

So I had worked my landscaping job earlier with a smile by the way, because I was so looking forward to the evening. We decided to go to “The Haunting Experience ” in Cottage Grove.

We were taken for a 1/4 mile ride on a haytruck to an abandoned house where we were met with chainsaw characters, bloody zombies, narrow rooms and weird and bloody props.

At one point I found myself in a corner with a chainsaw character facing me. I really didn’t know what to do, but to do a little wave as to say “Hi, how are you?”. He must have thought I was terrified, so he handed me a lollipop. That was funny. They probably get people who are scared out of their minds, hence the handing out of lollipops.

The whole evening was spent with laughter and excitement. I hope to have many more fun times like we had last night.


The Accented Guy


Petty things that used to determine the rest of my day

Hi Accented Family.

I’m sitting here in Edina’s Target with a nice Grande White Chocolate Mocha waiting for my blood pressure medication from the pharmacist. I know, I need to cut back on the cappuccino, but hey…I haven’t had one of these babies in months. Lol

Anyway. I wake up most mornings at 5am or 6am and just feel great knowing I’m working towards greater health and financial freedom. I have never felt like this ever in my life. It’s something I have made a conscious decision about.

An example of what has changed is the following.
This morning I woke up at 5am, did my morning ritual which is what I always start out with which is watch a motivational video and if there’s time, watch the latest news happenings, watch a tennis video and then a short stand up comedy one too.
This alone is what sets the time for the day.

So I usually donate plasma twice a week. It’s a process whereby one donates blood that gets separated from the plasma and the blood gets put back into the body.
It’s for a good cause and in the meantime I get paid for it.
So upon checking my levels before the donation process, my blood pressure was too high. So normally they tell you to go sit for a couple minutes to initially have your blood pressure lowered, but mine was still too high and that was because I hadn’t taken my medication in two days. It’s amazing how much my Blood pressure rose in these two days.
If this would have happened 2 years ago, I would have been the most miserable individual you could ever find, because that meant I wouldn’t be able to even get out of bed. Man, my health was pretty bad back then.

So today I can’t donate plasma unless I take my meds again and here I am in Edina’s Target sitting by the window with my cup of white chocolate mocha just soaking up the little bit of sun left before possible snow might hit us on Thursday.
After I get my meds, I’m off to share more love by working at my part time landscaping job in Bloomington.

I’m happy about the chance I have in life again to just be honest with myself and affect those around me positively and lovingly.

Till next time
The Accented Guy

Practice makes automatic

Just when you think what you’ve worked for will never come into fruition, this is what happens. ENJOY

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Practice makes automatic

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