How to maintain weight loss.

Hi Accented family

Recently I’ve been noticing some weight gaining which made me feel sluggish and somewhat sleepy during the day. This of course is not what you need if you’re a person who has ADHD. 

I noticed that I would think of food more than usual and because of that I felt the need to eat first before doing anything else. My daily routines seemed to be either done hastily or later in the day which disrupted my sleeping pattern causing me to be more emotional, which set off the hunger. 

So the first thing was to identify why I felt sluggish and hungry. Second of all was to write down how to overcome those issues. Third was to focus on my daily routine that inludes my morning ritual and fourth of all was to add another affirmation to my morning ritual which is a weight loss affirmation.  Currently I’m listening to this one. It helps to let you focus on food portion sizes and more. 

To become successful you can click here to find out how I overcame my life challenge. 

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