Juggling without balls, oranges or apples.

Hey everyone.

I have been meaning to write my Wednesday blog this morning already, but could not quite get to it. So before the day beats me to it, here you go.


So I’m writing this blog while working. I’m at a parking lot in Minneapolis writing from my iPad.


So before I blog about today, it is also the end of my Free Book Promotion today. Thank you to everyone who took the time to lift up your index finger and managed to hesitantly click that mouse to make that purchase to get my book. My book will get a price tag next time. So unfortunately it won’t be free anymore, but I will give out free books to those who follow me. It will be My first book including the next two which will also come out soon.

Ok, back to my Wednesday blog.

I’ve managed to finally get ahead financially and had to figure out what important tasks I had to tackle. It came down to buying tires…(I grew up with writing the word “tires” as “tyres”. Who else writes “tires” besides Americans?) Anyway, back to earth. lol

So it came down to buying tires, making a list of what my car needs as it has been so faithful to me for these past few months and I’m also embarking on a new online entrepreneurial endeavour. It is working as the middleman  for real estates agents and home sellers. The fancy word for it there is investor.

So I’ve been driving in Minneapolis checking out “For Sale by owner” signs. I’m on my way home to work more on my other online businesses which is so much fun, but before I do that, I have to install my car tires first.

Yep, I’m juggling it all today.

Until then my accented family.


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