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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Hi Accented Family

For the past few months I have learned about online marketing and how new technology has taken over. Gone are the days of having to worry about the
prospect of the future…at least twenty or so years ahead I believe.

People with ADHD have had to resort to either getting disability paychecks or settling in that low income paying job, but with the ever evolving internet tools, I now have the pleasure of having that at hand to create for myself a luxurious lifestyle. Yes, I said it…Luxurious.
All I needed was imagination and the right goals to stay focused on.

As you know I have three books I’ve written which is out on Amazon. I basically did this while I had no money, no place to live and no job. Thanks to my hyper focusing and will to stay positive.
I’ve generated a little bit of sales from my books and once again I can only thank you guys for supporting me in this journey.

Coming back to my focus in life, I have discovered affiliate marketing.
It basically is about talking to an established brand company or it could even be a successful business. Amazon is probably the best way to go here.
I’m currently learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing through a group of millionaire mentors who are helping me to put my business together. Also I can then take my product which in this case are my books and market it through that system.

I’ve completed the first module so far and man I’ve learned so much just within this module.

I will keep you guys up to date with how it goes. What a journey, I’m exited!

The Accented Guy.


Here’s a poem I wrote this morning.


This is me with ADHD. Like it or not, I’m here, can’t you see?
Society accepts the “normal”, but who’s really “normal”?
Could it be the person always stepping in line and achieving success
by being formal?

Or perhaps the poor never getting ahead
and dwelling in their sorrows instead?

What about the down syndrome woman who works a regular job, living a regular life, abiding by regular laws, has a regular marriage paying her regular civic duty?
Sure, like all of us she also get’s moody.

Is that normal? Sure it is.
Is there a euphemism I could use, please

Oh, society has accepted her as “socially functional”. Surely that’s normal.
Her life is doable, she’s ethical, like all of us fallible, likable, irreplaceable, manageable, personable, definitely reliable and also vulnerable.

It all comes down to how down syndrome was perceived as in the past.
Viewed as outcasts. Society’s viewpoint changed fast. Support for them will surely last.
Luckily, now they’re viewed as normal. Integrating with society, their lives, manageable and exclusively livable.

Miriam Webster defines the word “normal” as conforming to a standard or regular pattern. It also says free from mental illness: mentally sound.
…but where am I found? I look “normal”, but under the surface I struggle.

Society hasn’t fully accepted ADHD. Some would say it’s not a disability. They go as far as saying it’s a conspiracy. I don’t feel free in a society who views you as having societal incompetency.

You see, we hyper focus on things that excites us, but find mundane things uninteresting even if it’s really important stuff.
We pay our dues, of course we’re late for work and sometimes get confused… by
attending our doctor’s appointment a week earlier. I know that sounds funny, but it paralyses us to a point where we might develop another disorder…like anxiety, depression, PTSD.

I wish the word “normal” was never invented.
I’ve achieved so much look what I’ve created. More than half of what “normal” society has presented.

I’ve painted murals on church walls, built and rebuilt bicycles, did bike stunts and took a lot of falls.
I was a lead singer, an accomplished pianist, traveled the world and an excellent gymnast.

I was a stand up comedian, one of the best athletes at school, an obsessed tennis player, I think that’s pretty cool.
An amateur soccer player, a daredevil roller skater, a freestyle street dancer and a music director or band leader if you will.

Love learning languages, love learning memorization techniques.
No I’m not a nerd, just a freak.
Right? A freak who’s accomplished all this and yet I have barely any friends,
barely a social life, but I love life and I love and myself.

I forgot to mention when I was a kid I was an arcade game expert, I guess that is being a nerd.
Ok, SO I’m a nerd and a freak. Can you blame me for being this unique?

Please consider me as normal and not some social outcast. I love life and I love myself.
Can’t you tell?

It’s us who have scored gold medals, started up famous fortune 500 companies,
starred in TV shows
and even won Super Bowls.

So this might just be my last call and if I don’t fit the bill,

The Accented Guy


Hi Accented Family

Thank you so very much to those who bought my books and for believing in me. I’ve made a couple of sales and because of 

this, I can see how possible it is to live a life free of stress and worry. It just goes to show if you keep on keeping on, anything is possible. The book promotion was a great success. So thank you for that.

My next book, ” Survival of the Quirkiest: How to use ADHD in times of desperation”, is also coming soon via free book promotion links,  but if you need an ebook copy now, you can certainly go online and purchase it for free if you wish to do so. It is also $0.99c if you want to support me by buying it.

So I’ve been searching for an apartment and happy to say I found one. I will keep you guys up to date on that. 

I also have been in contact with my ex to start seeing my kids. I’m very exited about that, because this means I’ll be more fulfilled knowing that a challenge has been overcame. That box is soon to be checked off. 

On the other hand I’ve started investing in affiliate marketing which is probably the best decision pertaining to online business I’ve ever made. The kindle publishing was a good way to get my feet wet. 
In the meantime enjoy my remixed version of “Shut up and dance”.

So chow for now.

The Accented Guy


Exiting new stuff lined up.

Hi from The Accented Guy saying 

I’m so driven…I can never see myself giving up…EVER AGAIN.
1 – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073WNFT5s
2 – http://a.co/ejVeeW6




The Accented Guy



Hi Accented family

Before I start today’s spontaneous blog, I’d like you to know that I have changed my free book promotion. It’s now on Friday August 31st – Monday September 4th.
My book is called ” Adult ADD/ADHD vs Society vs Me: Transcendentally present in the real world. Long title I know, but worth it.

I’ve been told quite a few times how weird I was. I’m so used to it, it doesn’t even feel weird. You could even say it’s normal to be weird.
Over the years I hear how funny I am, which is still me, but only with a different adjective this time. I’ve also been told how talented, creative and inspirational I am to others.
Well, now the adjective craze phase don’t seem so weird anymore. Instead, this makes me look normal. Sure, I interrupt you at any given chance when we have a conversation, laugh hysterically at a mundane thing or situation or walk away in the middle of a conversation, but that is what millions of other people do at some point in their lives. I just do it more often than them. LoL.

Luckilly, because I’ve learned about myself, I recognised some of these moments in time to correct it on the spot, but the effort that goes into it is tremendous at times.

I remember getting done singing at a concert in “Benjamin Wilson Ministries” church in Elsies River years ago, I had a fun chat with a friend and it went well, but I got so exited, I forgot I was actually in the middle of a conversation and ran away to another friend without realising I was chatting with this friend. I know this happened, because when I looked back over to my abandoned friend, she looked at me stunned and shrugged her shoulders like a girlfriend who was surprised that she got cheated on by another girl.
I couldn’t put it together, but years later it dawned on me that it must have been my ADHD.

Another incident happened when I was much younger than the experience I had in church. I had just learned how to do a backflip a few months before and I was exited to do it at every chance I got. A bunch of us had found an abandoned mattress in a different community called Clarke Estate. We dragged that mattress for two miles back to Elsies River to enhance our flipping experience. No pun intended there.
Along the way, we crossed paths with a friend of a friend, but as I was looking at him, the weirdest thing happened. Suddenly I was thinking of how focused I should be when doing my dismount from the mattress. My eyes started squinting and my face looked like I was so mad at this guy, he felt compelled to ask me why I was so mad at him. In fact, I did not even know him and here I am looking mad as hell at someone who knew nothing about me.

I couldn’t understand why he was so confused and irritated at me. I quickly had to think of something. My only response was, ” I don’t know, I had something in my eye.”, but he seemed like he believed me and that was that.

So, who and what really is considered weird. No one. We’re all prone to some form of abnormality and that makes each and everyone of us as normal as the word normal itself.


Update on my journey so far

Hi Accented Family

First of all, for those of you who saw this blog with the many spelling mistakes, my apologies. That’s what happens when you’re in a hurry. Lol

Here’s one without the spelling mistakes…hopefully.

It’s been a while since I’ve written down anything. So here goes; my Wednesday blog as promise.

Before I run off to work, here’s something to nibble on. This blog is about what I’ve accomplished so far and what I still need to work on.

One is definitely visiting my kids as I’ve been advised to focus on that. It’s been something I keep neglecting believe it or not. Watch my video to learn more about people with ADHD and relationships.

You see, I’ve been embarrassed about not seeing my kids, because I don’t want them to see their dad being homeless and jobless.

I thought that if I get my place and a job, I’ll feel more confident. Well, it took two extra months to get to where I’m at now.
So this month I’ll do some blogging and hopefully some video blogging to show you my progress.

Hasta luego Accented family.

The Accented Guy

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