Adult ADD/ADHD vs Society vs ME!

Hi ever aesthetic and gorgeous planet.

Yes, men can also use these words. I’m of course talking about words like “Hi”.

Today I feel like one of those writers who uses metaphors, alliterations, cliches, poetry and maybe some satire to describe their feelings, but I’m not going to do that.
I want to write about how influenced we get by a simple thought that gets planted in our heads.

Let me start by saying how appreciative, goal oriented and lucky I feel to be part of life. What once seemed a narrow hope of a chance at life for me is now completely turned over and maximized to a high degree. In my book “Adult ADD/ADHD vs Society vs ME“, I wrote about how I took the steps to turn my negative thoughts into positive once. It didn’t stop there. I wanted to tap into the world of subconscious thought and test for myself to see if it’s possible to think yourself out of negativity into positivity.
This is completely true and possible.

Now I sit here smiling as I’m writing this blog. It’s not me trying to put up an act, but pure thankfulness to the hope and believe that one day I could really find happiness.
I have for the past 3 months slept in my car, completely homeless, jobless and little to no money in my bank account.
This unfortunate change came within one single week. Yes, I had no place to stay and got let go from my job of six years in one week.

Have I mentioned I’m divorced? Well, I was married for 11 years until that glorious news every married person wants to hear gets brought to the attention. “You’re getting a divorce”.
This is probably how everyone receive their news, but mine was slightly different. I was told to “just go and see what the attorney has to say”.
Yep, no words like “divorce”, “separation” or “annulment” was used during me and my ex’s conversations.

What I can say is that I can’t say anything bad about her. I wish her all the best.

So there I was divorced, homeless, jobless and nothing else but my self worth.

I decided to dedicate myself to routine and commitment.
Morning routine 1: Wake up.
2: Watch a motivational video.
3: Get some coffee.
4: Write my book/work on my online business.

Afternoon routine 1: Play rigorous tennis from 2-4 hours.
2: Freshen up and eat.

Evening routine1: 1: Write down what to work on for the next day.
2: Snack and watch someday comedy/news/business news.
3: Sleep.

I used to wish I had implemented routine since a young age. I don’t worry about it anymore as I have a chance to do things right this time.

Hi life, this is me, Quinton. I’ve come come to impact people’s lives positively.


Compelled to tell my story.

Why should you read what I have to say you ask?
Well, for starters I have ADHD. which stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is a disorder that appears to be silent in us to the outside world. It’s real, but most of all, it’s a silent killer. Yes, studies show that suicide may be more prevalent in us than people who do not have the disorder.

I have been asked for years now to write about my life.
What’s interesting is that I didn’t think I would really be sitting here writing this first blog and publish it to the world.

What also made me finally sit down to write, was the fact that a few months ago I hit rock bottom, but unlike all the other times where I felt hopeless, this time I felt extremely optimistic and visibly happy, because I had improved dramatically as far as my health, and well being goes. It’s still puzzling to me how I came to be this changed. You could almost say I was given a panacea for all my negative situations.

I will be sharing as much as I can about my life as an adult with ADHD.

So once a week I want to invite you to sit back and relax while you will be reading about my life in all its glory. My aim is to genuinely try to put into perspective the seriousness, lightheartedness, ambiguity and misconceptions from others that we as people with ADHD face on a daily basis.

Most people who write about pain do not write about the solutions for it. I made sure to create for myself solutions to get out of my negative situations and emotions. I will be sharing all of that. So when you get your “down” moments, pop a downloaded metaphorical Quinton DVD into your metaphorical mind’s DVD player, play it back, and you’re good to go.

ADHD is real, very evident and prevalent in us. We’re everywhere!

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I’ve written two more books since then that are coming out next week. So be on the look out for that.

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Until then, ¡hasta luego!

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