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Hi Accented Family.

So here I am stranded and nowhere to go. I’ve had my car license revoked and I’m having to hustle on my mountain bike to the store, my job, the library and other miscellaneous places in sub zero temperatures. Rewind 20 years and I would never have guessed I’d be so determined to straighten out my life and make it work.

Of course we didn’t have technology as advanced as it is today. So I guess the reason for my determined outlook on life is because information can be found at the tip of our fingers and this excited me. You know the saying that goes “Survival of the Fittest“? Well, technology has changed that. Even though I have ADHD, I can still find things out there that can help me. Right now I need to get my license back so I can drive again and I can easily look up a written test app online, download it and study for my class D exam.

Here’s the deal breaker. I still struggle with appointments and schedules, but there are apps that help me tremendously yet. So not so much of a deal breaker then, right?

So to conclude, I live the laptop lifestyle and doing it without being able to drive. I stay virtually informed while doing whatever it takes to stay ahead of the game. Before you know it, I’ll have my license back and I’ll be fully back in the game. As long as I am positive, healthy, full of love and have good energy, I’m good.

I’ll keep you all informed about the status if of my driver’s license .

So until next time, ta ta.

The Accented Guy. Quinnie.

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Happy Easter!!

Hi Accented Family.

Hope all is well. We got some snow again and man did it snow. It’s late afternoon and I’m just relaxing and taking it easy. Some of you may have enjoyed most of the day already.

As some of you know, my car license got revoked and I’m not able to drive for another 28 days. So I decided to buy myself an 18 speed Roadmaster mountain bike so I can ride to work which is 13 miles long. I’m glad I bought it, because it’s totally easy to handle and you can change gears on a whim.

Today I have to play tennis with my Meetup group, but I don’t think it’ll happen as I’m not able to get a ride there. It was poor planning on my side. Better luck next time. Well, maybe I can still make it, who knows. We’ll see.

I don’t have much to say today except to say have a good Easter and a safe rest of the weekend.

The Accented Guy Quinnie

Easter goodies

My Car License Has Been Revoked. What Now?

Hi Accented family.

Yes, it has been a tough situation for me since finding out that my license will be revoked as of 03/28/2018.

About a month ago I was pulled over for not being able to produce my car insurance to the officer. I could not find it. So the officer took an expired car insurance of mine which I could find, called up the company, but never got a response from them. He then told me to go into the county government center to produce it. I felt confident, because what could go wrong, right? Well, not everything went right. I realized that after finding my unexpired insurance, it was still registered in my old car. So after calling my car insurance company to have them fix the issue, they corrected the details by having it corrected after the offense had occurred.

Long story short, I either had to pay the amount or state my case with the judge. I decided to make an appointment to have a court case, but it turned out I missed the appointment, tried to pay the fine online and got a letter from the county government center stating that my car license will be revoked for a month. Now I need to take a class D written test which I think should be the easy part (fingers cross).

I’m bummed out, but it shouldn’t really be that much of an issue, because I will now have to make the process enjoyable and once I succeed in doing that, I’ll be able to hyper focus on the task at hand. ADHD comes in handy with things like this. It is the positive aspect about the disorder. Thank goodness.

If you have ADHD, keep in mind you have more within you than you think. Realize it grab hold and run with it.

The Accented Guy. Quinnie

Lego Holiday Easter Egg

Special Webcast with My Mentor Stuart Ross

Hi Accented Family

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Today I want to talk to you about someone that has in the past few months been very influencial in my life virtually speaking. It is about a person called Stuart Ross.

You see, he is not just any person I randomly chose to write about. He is actually the person who has made me realize that with hard work, dedication and a positive attitude, you can succeed in life; not just financially, but in well being. For him it began to be about money, but then he realized that if you really stop worrying about money and start treating people around you with honesty and love, everything else in your life will start to blossom. Sure money is important, but you have to focus on being honest with yourself and those around you before you start seeing your finances blossoming.

Right now I’m in a situation where I can’t see light at the end of the tunnel, because I’ve been consumed with money worries. I’m forty years old and living in my car. Today is one of those low days for me, because my car license has been revoked. I can’t drive anywhere and I actually need it not just to go to work, but to use it for work as well.

Usually I’d panic, but what Stuart has taught me was not to start running around hysterically, but rather to continue your daily routine and work on your difficult situation in small increments, because we as human beings are very resourceful when it comes to finding ways to get ahead in life.

Today I’m buying myself a good second hand bike to go to work. It’ll only be for the month of April before I start driving my car again. So this is how I look at it, I will still be able to travel to work. In the meantime I won’t have to think about gas expenses for my car. This way I will have saved up quite a bit of money. Also I need to take my Class D written test again which will just be a way to refresh my memory.

So there you have it. Life shouldn’t be about hysteria. Enjoy the process, but it’ll take a tremendous amount of energy to get there. When this month gets done, I’ll look back and perhaps chuckle about it, because of how easy it was to do it.

Till next time

The Accented Guy. Quinnie

Entrepeneurs Wanted!

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Hi Accented Family

I’ve been at this online business thing for a while and I think I’m getting the hang of it. I can see why most people find it hard to do this kind of thing, but if you like clicking, browsing and posting, then this is definitely the thing for you.

Of course it is not about seeing dollar amounts after posting or clicking on a link. It takes a while. Enjoying the process is ultimately what it’s about. Also, you can’t just quit your job right away and then expect to get thousands of dollars within the first or second month. It’s a gradual process of learning, implementing and consistently working at it.

So, if you think this is the right thing for you to do, give the Six Figure Mentors a try.

Click on the link below to find out more.

The Accented Guy. Quinnie

Entrepeneurs wanted

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Easter is around the corner and I’m struggling.

Hi Accented Family

Yes, I am struggling at the moment, but I have one thing on my mind…determination. This is just one of those rough patches in life where I haven’t been focusing completely on the prize.

You see, I started the year out with the right focus and managed to gain financial momentum until I had neglected to keep in mind that I was working a seasonal second part time job. I since then only worked one part time job and needed to get a second one quickly. It turned out I had to rethink things and came to the conclusion that I was going to have to live in my car. I drive a 94′ Toyota Corolla and it does not look like it can hold up any longer. The tie rods are failing, the fan belt is about to go out at any time now, the left wheel bearing is making a cringe worthy metal against metal sound and I only have $140 in my bank account. It will cost about $1.330, 20 to get that all fixed, but I think I’m going to have to wait it out until the end of the month to see if I can buy a more reliable car. Hopefully my Toyota can keep me mobile until then.

If at all I won’t be able to buy a reliable second hand car, I’ll have to fix my Toyota.

Wish me luck.

The Accented Guy

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How to Start a Profitable Online Business from Scratch.


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Hi Accented Family.

With todays blog you can find an audio recording of me talking about what to do to get started if you’ve been thinking about starting an online business for a while. Maybe you don’t know what products to sell or you just want to earn more money around your current job.

Below you’ll find the link for it.

Feel free to click here if you want to hear me speak, but if you so choose to get right into it, click here, fill in you name and e-mail and you’ll be on your way to hear my mentor Stuart Ross share his information on“How to start a profitable online business from scratch” that you’ve been wanting to hear.

Disclaimer: Results may vary and will not be the same for everyone.

Good luck.

The Accented Guy. Quinnie

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