Happy Halloween Part 2

Hi Accented Family

So last night was a blast. I’ve been putting off to celebrate Halloween for so long and finally I got to do it with friends and let me tell you it was so much fun. I had two of my work buddies with me. A Picachoo and a Batman. I of course was the headless man.

So I had worked my landscaping job earlier with a smile by the way, because I was so looking forward to the evening. We decided to go to “The Haunting Experience ” in Cottage Grove.

We were taken for a 1/4 mile ride on a haytruck to an abandoned house where we were met with chainsaw characters, bloody zombies, narrow rooms and weird and bloody props.

At one point I found myself in a corner with a chainsaw character facing me. I really didn’t know what to do, but to do a little wave as to say “Hi, how are you?”. He must have thought I was terrified, so he handed me a lollipop. That was funny. They probably get people who are scared out of their minds, hence the handing out of lollipops.

The whole evening was spent with laughter and excitement. I hope to have many more fun times like we had last night.



The Accented Guy




Hi Accented family

Before I start today’s spontaneous blog, I’d like you to know that I have changed my free book promotion. It’s now on Friday August 31st – Monday September 4th.
My book is called ” Adult ADD/ADHD vs Society vs Me: Transcendentally present in the real world. Long title I know, but worth it.

I’ve been told quite a few times how weird I was. I’m so used to it, it doesn’t even feel weird. You could even say it’s normal to be weird.
Over the years I hear how funny I am, which is still me, but only with a different adjective this time. I’ve also been told how talented, creative and inspirational I am to others.
Well, now the adjective craze phase don’t seem so weird anymore. Instead, this makes me look normal. Sure, I interrupt you at any given chance when we have a conversation, laugh hysterically at a mundane thing or situation or walk away in the middle of a conversation, but that is what millions of other people do at some point in their lives. I just do it more often than them. LoL.

Luckilly, because I’ve learned about myself, I recognised some of these moments in time to correct it on the spot, but the effort that goes into it is tremendous at times.

I remember getting done singing at a concert in “Benjamin Wilson Ministries” church in Elsies River years ago, I had a fun chat with a friend and it went well, but I got so exited, I forgot I was actually in the middle of a conversation and ran away to another friend without realising I was chatting with this friend. I know this happened, because when I looked back over to my abandoned friend, she looked at me stunned and shrugged her shoulders like a girlfriend who was surprised that she got cheated on by another girl.
I couldn’t put it together, but years later it dawned on me that it must have been my ADHD.

Another incident happened when I was much younger than the experience I had in church. I had just learned how to do a backflip a few months before and I was exited to do it at every chance I got. A bunch of us had found an abandoned mattress in a different community called Clarke Estate. We dragged that mattress for two miles back to Elsies River to enhance our flipping experience. No pun intended there.
Along the way, we crossed paths with a friend of a friend, but as I was looking at him, the weirdest thing happened. Suddenly I was thinking of how focused I should be when doing my dismount from the mattress. My eyes started squinting and my face looked like I was so mad at this guy, he felt compelled to ask me why I was so mad at him. In fact, I did not even know him and here I am looking mad as hell at someone who knew nothing about me.

I couldn’t understand why he was so confused and irritated at me. I quickly had to think of something. My only response was, ” I don’t know, I had something in my eye.”, but he seemed like he believed me and that was that.

So, who and what really is considered weird. No one. We’re all prone to some form of abnormality and that makes each and everyone of us as normal as the word normal itself.