Why my morning ritual helped me out today.

Hi Accented Family.

Man oh man! Am I slacking with the blogs. Well, here you go. Yesterday I was pulled over for a traffic offense committed by someone else. Don’t worry, it wasn’t serious though. 

It happened as I was speeding on my way to work. Haven’t we all done that before, right. Lol. The person ahead of me was driving at 74m/h in a 55m/h lane while I assumed if anything would happen, it would probably be with this person. I was so wrong. Not long after I saw the person hitting their brakes, I realised they must have exceeded the speed limit, but before I could do the same, I saw red and blue lights in my rear view mirror. After finding a comfortable place to pull off, the cop explained that he clocked the person in front of me, but I happened to have been speeding too it wouldn’t be fair to fine me if he clocked the person in front of me. He then proceeded to call my insurance company to see if it was still valid, because I could not produce my insurance card. After a couple of minutes, he told me he was put on hold and he could not wait anymore. Then he gave me a citation whereby I had to go to court to produce my insurance card to have the penalty waived.

Long story short, I was late for work, but it was ok as my boss understood the whole situation, because I had them know in real time what was going on. 

I’ll let you know in my next blog later tonight what happened at court today.

Oohh…juicy details. 

For now ta ta

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ADD/ADHD vs Society vs Me: Transcendentally present in the real world.

SURVIVAL OF THE QUIRKIEST: How to use ADD/ADHD in times of desperation.


How to maintain weight loss. 

Hi Accented family

Recently I’ve been noticing some weight gaining which made me feel sluggish and somewhat sleepy during the day. This of course is not what you need if you’re a person who has ADHD. 

I noticed that I would think of food more than usual and because of that I felt the need to eat first before doing anything else. My daily routines seemed to be either done hastily or later in the day which disrupted my sleeping pattern causing me to be more emotional, which set off the hunger. 

So the first thing was to identify why I felt sluggish and hungry. Second of all was to write down how to overcome those issues. Third was to focus on my daily routine that inludes my morning ritual and fourth of all was to add another affirmation to my morning ritual which is a weight loss affirmation.  Currently I’m listening to this one. It helps to let you focus on food portion sizes and more. 

To become successful you can click here to find out how I overcame my life challenge. 

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Goodbye Silver Lake, my hometown.

Hi Accented Family.

It seems like yesterday I moved into my apartment. I usually do not like to store a lot of stuff in my place, but I thought seeing that I was planning to live here for a while, I didn’t mind adding some furniture and odd things. I’ve lived here for approximately five months and it was definitely time to move on.

I needed to re-evaluate my current situation to determine where I’ll be in the near future. I’ve set some goals that I’ve accomplished and some I haven’t yet. So what I was thinking was to rethink those unaccomplished goals. Now that I’ve moved closer to my place of employment, pay less rent and restructered my daily routines, I should have a clearer plan. 

To be honest, I was thinking of going back to living in my car to speed up the journey toward my goal, but as much as it’s tempting to do so, I have to stick to my plan. That’s why I’m grateful to have you, the reader to keep me accountable even if you don’t know you are doing it. I have my online mentor Stuart Ross to keep me accountable as well. https://secure-ordering.net/signup/trial-student#!/

Feel free to follow me on my journey by clicking here. http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheAccentedGuy                                                          You’ll get regular updates.

So with this being said I will say bye for now

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How to become successful just using your laptop. 

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The Digital Lifestyle

Hi Accented family.

Ever wondered how people online become financially independent? They first of all optain a winning mindset and share valuable information among each other by being part of an online community of like-minded people. Let me share with you how I became focused and became part of that community. 

Everyone has something to offer the world whether it’s big or small. How is it that you can offer something? Well, it’s simple. If you for example play an instrument, you can teach people online. If you feel you don’t have much knowledge of it, teach preschoolers or elementary school kids. It doesn’t have to be top notch information. Just well packaged and well thought through. You’ll be amazed how successful you can get and then at the same time get or give advice out in your online community.

I joined the Six Figure mentor community where we share information about online digital products. We are affiliate marketers who also have our own products to sell. Marketing tips and tricks are very handy. I’m in the process of selling my own books on Amazon.com which is about adult ADHD and how to manage it on a day to day level. Also on the other hand I’m an affiliate marketer for The Six Mentor online business. You can check it out here where I let you have my mentor Stuart Ross explain to you what it’s all about… http://connect.thesixfigurementors.com/sp/free-trial-long-vid/sales-pages?id=worldcitizen1938

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