Why my morning ritual helped me out today.

Hi Accented Family.

Man oh man! Am I slacking with the blogs. Well, here you go. Yesterday I was pulled over for a traffic offense committed by someone else. Don’t worry, it wasn’t serious though. 

It happened as I was speeding on my way to work. Haven’t we all done that before, right. Lol. The person ahead of me was driving at 74m/h in a 55m/h lane while I assumed if anything would happen, it would probably be with this person. I was so wrong. Not long after I saw the person hitting their brakes, I realised they must have exceeded the speed limit, but before I could do the same, I saw red and blue lights in my rear view mirror. After finding a comfortable place to pull off, the cop explained that he clocked the person in front of me, but I happened to have been speeding too it wouldn’t be fair to fine me if he clocked the person in front of me. He then proceeded to call my insurance company to see if it was still valid, because I could not produce my insurance card. After a couple of minutes, he told me he was put on hold and he could not wait anymore. Then he gave me a citation whereby I had to go to court to produce my insurance card to have the penalty waived.

Long story short, I was late for work, but it was ok as my boss understood the whole situation, because I had them know in real time what was going on. 

I’ll let you know in my next blog later tonight what happened at court today.

Oohh…juicy details. 

For now ta ta

The Accented Guy


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