Why sleep is important for people with ADHD.

Hi Everyone.

I’m writing this blog while awake at 4:45am. Everytime I’m in a transition, this happens. No matter what I try doing to fall asleep, I cannot. This has been going on for the past few days.

So I’m moving from my old apartment to live in a less expensive place where I can better manage my routines, schedules and finances, but to get settled into my routines and schedule will take some time to adjust. Using the 20 minute hyperfocused tasks will have to come into play and that will be key.

Come to think of it, I’ll try the Paul Mckenna affirmations video to help me fall asleep now. He is a British hypnotised who has an impeccable skill to put people into a hypnotic state. I’ve been trying some of my other favorite sleep affirmation videos, but I always seem to come back to Paul McKenna’s.

When I don’t get enough sleep, it is evident. I do not talk much and it looks like I’m just staring at the person I’m in conversation with. I don’t mean to be not interested. It’s just that it’s much harder to follow the conversation when you have catching up to do to try to stay afloat. So next time when you have a conversation with someone who has ADHD, notice their body language. Try finding out what his or her topics of interests are and you’ll see how energised they get when they have found a topic of interest. It’s like flipping a switch.


So for now I’ll say ttyl.

The Accented guy